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I don't consider myself a victim, and I don't generally post about my personal life, but maybe this post can encourage someone else to advocate for himself, or herself timely and effectively.

A few months ago, after I decided to pause my "other" career in communications management to focus on my personal goals, a gentleman asked me to help him with his political campaign. After about an hour of conversation, and a general understanding of his political ideology and goals, I agreed to work as his campaign manager.

What I thought would be a pretty easy and…

“rainbow wall” photography by ryan mcguire / gratisography

photograph by RYAN MCGUIRE

"On Life"

by Teyuna Trynea Darris

Life is hard and beautiful at the same time

It challenges you, even spits at you

And dares you to cry

Other times, it smacks you down

And calls you "stupid"

Sometimes, it just smiles

And caresses your thumb, heart, and mind

Oh, this thing called "life"

This thing called "life":

What is the purpose of life?

It may hear you

Even speak to you

At times, it might abandon you giving no explanation

And, sometimes, when you look around

you'll find that it has left you lying there on the floor

And, every…

Image Source: Gratisography / Ryan McGuire

He just wants to be understood,

And she still wants to be accepted.

Most poems get neither one — -

Especially, the poets who write them.

Teyuna T. Darris

I work with words.

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